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Top Firefighter Training Schools

If you are one of the lucky individuals that can afford to go to a state university here in the United States, you are in luck.  Across the country there are numerous schools that you can attend that have reputable fire science programs.  As a result, this can be confusing when trying to navigate the tangled web of information out there while you try to focus on making a good choice by attending the right school.

In order to help give you some guidance, below are a few of the best Fire Science schools in the country.  While many schools offer good programs and come with a solid reputation, these are some of the best schools out there when it comes to their fire training programs for 2 and 4 year colleges/universities.  Obviously you will need to choose which degree is better suited to fit your needs, but you really can’t go wrong if you attend any of these schools to get a jump start on your career as a firefighter.  If you are just graduating high school and aren’t sure where to attend college, this should give you some good insight on where to start.  First we will cover online schools, and we will follow that up with schools you can attend if they are in your local area.

Best Online Schools for Fire Science and EMS:

  • Kaplan University:  Kaplan offers an AAS in Fire Science as well as a BS program.  They have a wide variety of other fire science degrees as well.  They are rated one of the highest online colleges for fire science training and being online, definitely helps anyone that can’t afford to go to college out of state.  It’s also highly beneficial for those individuals that have working jobs already and need the ability to work remotely.  They also have programs for individuals that already have degrees.
  • Walden University:  Walden has several programs for fire science and also offer programs in emergency management including degrees at the masters level.  Not many schools online offer masters level programs for fire science, so this is definitely a benefit to you if you haven’t had a chance to check out programs in advanced education.  They are right up there with Kaplan and have a great reputation of success.
  • Grand Canyon University:  GCU has several programs including Public Safety, Emergency Management, Disaster Preparedness and Executive Fire Leadership.  GCU is also known as a “private Christian college” with classes available online if you prefer to attend smaller private schools with the christian tag.  GCU has grown a lot in recent years and is well respected in the education community.
  • College of DuPage located in Glen Ellyn IL:  The College of Dupage has several degree programs and certifications courses it offers in the fields of Fire Management and Emergency Services training.  You can get your EMT certification here and they offer two-year degrees in Fire Science and Emergency Medical Services.  There are also several other certificates they offer for Fire Prevention and other areas.
  • Indiana University located in Indiana:  Indiana University is known to have one of the best fire science programs across the nation.  They also have a renowned firefighter health study that’s attempting to determine the cause of early deaths in firefighters.  They are committed to doing what they can to help ensure longevity in the lives of every firefighter across the country.  They offer 4 year degrees in applied sciences here at IU and have other training and certification programs as well.
  • L.O. Brayton Fire School in Texas:  The L.O. Brayton school is part of Texas A&M University.  This is one of the most popular fire training schools west of the Mississippi River line.  They have a huge variety of training programs and they train more emergency medical personnel than almost any University across the entire country every year.  The L.O. Brayton school might take the trophy as the top school in the nation simply because of the sheer amount of students that they educate every single year.  The L.O. Brayton school also offers some of the broadest topics for specialization in Emergency Training.  They offer Programs for Fire Instructors as well as Fire Investigators and Fire Recruits.
  • Arizona State University in Arizona:  ASU’s applied science program at their Polytechnic Campus is gaining ground as one of the more popular science programs in the country.  Arizona has a growing need for widely diverse emergency medical responders and ASU has stepped up to accommodate this as s result.  They offer both two year programs as well as four year programs in applied sciences which includes Emergency Management.  If you have your 4 year degree and are looking for even further fire science education, ASU also offers a Masters of Technology in Fire Service Administration Program as well.
  • University of Florida in Florida:  The University of Florida has grown it’s fire science program immensely over the last 5 years.  They are primarily focused on Fire Technology and offer a bachelor’s degree in Fire and Emergency services.  This program has become one of the more acclaimed programs as it’s grown, and has done a great job incorporating the growth on the technology side of the firefighting of the industry.  This program offers non-degree certificates as well as 4 year degree programs.  Courses have the option to be taken over the internet in a distance learning atmosphere making it convenient as well.

After reviewing some of the top schools in the country, hopefully you have a better idea what training program might fit your needs.  Keep in mind that a 4 year degree program is only recommended, not required for you to pursue a career as a firefighter.  There are other ways you can approach your career outside a college environment, but having a degree definitely will help increase your chances of landing your dream job.

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