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The Firefighter Work Schedule, Days Worked and Routines

A career as a firefighter is an admirable one where you put your life on the line every single day. No two days are the same and you are likely to come across a variety of different situations that will push you to your emotional and physical limits. That said, firefighters have plenty of benefits that make this a very rewarding job experience. Here are some of the guidelines for fighters, including the hours and days that they work, as well as the routines to expect during those days.

One great thing about being a firefighter is that you have quite a few days off in a row. Most of the time, this can be as many as five days off. However, the reason that you get those five days off in a row is because your days on include two days straight of work.

Most firefighters will check in around 7:45 am in order to start their 8 am shift. Once their shift starts, many firehouses will have a staff meeting where they go over the assignments for the day. In some cases, this may include what engine they will be driving, what duties they have around the firehouse or any other impending things to deal with.

Part of the duties at a firehouse include keeping the house clean, considering it is where the firefighters live during their shifts. Some firefighters may be given the task of sweeping or mopping the floors, others may be asked to dust, and some may be asked to clean the kitchen or bathroom. Firefighters also will take trips to the grocery store, to buy food to stock the firehouse fridge with. Anything that you can imagine doing around your own house, also needs to be attended to at the firehouse.

Firefighters generally need to workout, considering they have to maintain a level of physical fitness that keeps them ready in the case of an emergency. In many firehouses, there are plenty of weights to work out with, basketball courts to shoot hoops, and other types of exercise equipment so they can stay in physical shape.

At any given time, if the fire alarm goes off, firefighters must spring into action. The reason that firefighters get called can range from a person needing medical attention, to a home burning in flames. The duties that a firefighter must be prepared for vary much more than other jobs, and therefore they are required to have many different certifications and qualifications.


Keep in mind that firefighters are doing all of this during their two days working at the firehouse. Of course the firefighters get to sleep during the evening, but they have to be ready if that fire alarm goes off. After those two days, they typically have the next five days off until their next shift begins again. Most firehouses have enough teams of firefighters that will alternate one Sunday per month. This makes it more fair for all of the other firefighters, and also allows for them to get in an added day of work.

For those that are looking to give back to society, while also having the luxury of many days off in a row, being a firefighter is a great job. Not only is it personally rewarding, but you also have the potential of saving people’s lives on a daily basis.

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