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How to Become Familiar with a Firefighter Exam


It’s actually quite easy these days to become familiar with a firefighter exam and there are tons of resources for you to better inform yourself about the firefighter exam process.  Right now, having an online resource is absolutely huge and should be used to your full advantage.  We are going to look at some of the top resources for you to utilize to equip yourself for your firefighting training exam.  There are a lot of free resources out there if you research hard enough, but there are also some great paid practice exam testing methods that are worth looking at if you have the budget.

Here are some of your best resources to get you on the right track to acing the initial firefighting exam:

  • Your Local and State Firefighting Websites.  A lot of times, these websites contain great information on what you can be expected to get tested on.  They may not give you the answers or provide you with a study guide, but they may provide you with a good overview on the topics you will get tested on so you can formulate your own plan if you are on a budget.
  • Google Books.  Google Books might limit the amount of access you have to specific content, but there is a host of great resources out there for limited chunks of time and it’s all free.  You can access the site and review some great study guides and/or testing resources without paying for them.
  • Take a Firefighting Class.  Enroll in a firefighting test prep class.  Many times these classes are offered at the community college level but can sometimes even be found at the university level as well.  Test taking classes in general can help you with test taking strategies to help you perform better on the written portion of the initial exam.
  • Local Firefighters!  Crazy right?  Who would have thought that you could actually reach out to family and friends to talk with local firefighters and get the scoop on what to expect.  Honestly, outside of paid study material, this is probably the absolute best route you can go.  It’s always a great idea to take the time and talk with someone that’s gone through the process before you and has passed the exam and is working as a career firefighter.  It will help you to go straight to the source and get a detailed walkthrough from someone you may know about what to expect.  Plus it helps you network, which is huge, no matter what industry you are in.
  • The Library.  Okay, now we are just on a roll!  Yes your local library carries books and they are free, which yet again is always good.  There is a pretty decent chance they have books on starting your career as a firefighter and you can grab these books absolutely free of charge.  If you are tight on time, try an audio CD.
  • Practice Exam Websites.  There are numerous fantastic resources out there that will help you in your quest to become a firefighter.  There are online practice tests that are refined ten times over as tests become more challenging and more difficult to take.  Granted this will cost you a little more (not free and some are not cheap) but there are some really great sites out there that have a ton of value that you will see pay you dividends when you go to take your exam.  If you have the money to burn, there’s not going to really be many non-paid resources that are better than what you get from some of the very popular firefighter exam websites that are out there right now.

Now that we’ve got you on the right track to getting familiar with a Practice Exam, it’s up to you to act on it.  Find which way works best for you and go after it.  Remember – free is easiest and obviously cheapest, but don’t count out some of the paid resources if you have a small budget you can use towards furthering your career.  It’s worth the cost of paying for a paid practice testing service if it gets you to your ultimate goal of landing your dream job and finally becoming a firefighter.

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