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Firefighter Scholarship and Grant Information

you aren’t one of the lucky people out there that can afford to pay for college out of pocket, then there’s no reason to lose hope if your dream is to get into firefighting as a career.  There are many scholarship programs across the country and we are going to break down some of the most popular firefighting scholarships so you have all the resources you need in one place to start researching and applying to scholarship programs of your choice.  Scholarship programs are a great way to get into a firefighting degree program, and they are a huge resume booster.  To not only have the ability to have obtained a 4 year degree, but have the ability to have it all paid for by a third party is a huge decorated accomplishment.  It should also reflect that way on your resume.
Here are some of the most popular firefighter scholarships as well as links that will take you straight to the source.

George D Miller Scholarship via the NFPA:  This particular scholarship is awarded

Firefighter school scholarship

once per year and is awarded to undergrads only that are enrolled in a fire service program in the US or Canada.  The annual award is up to $5,000.00. International Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation:  This scholarship is earned by making sure you are enrolled in a fire science program geared towards a career as a firefighter.  You will need to make sure you meet certain criteria to qualify which typically includes having good grades and having a great essay to go along with your application.  Typical awards for this scholarship are around 1,000.00 but the IAFCF gives out more than $30,000.00 every single year. W.H. “Howie” McClennan Scholarship:  This scholarship program awards up to $2,500.00 every year to students that are attending college and you don’t necessarily need to be in a fire service program.  You will need to be a son/daughter of a firefighter killed in active service as a firefighter in order to qualify. Fireman’s Association of the State of New York:  This is a local scholarship only available for individuals agreeing to fulfill service in the state of New York as a firefighter.  It’s a great program, but it’s not available across the entire country.  You will need solid grades in school to qualify and it’s also based on need. John L. Jablonsky Scholarship via the NFPA:  This particular scholarship is granted to individuals that are enrolled in fire engineering programs at an accredited university.  The maximum annual award is 5,000.00.

You will need good academic standing and need to have leadership ability as well as getting enrolled in college courses to pursue a career in fire safety engineering.These are some of the good basic scholarships that are out there today.  While only a couple of them apply to active duty firefighters, there are a host of other scholarships out there that you just need to do a little research on to find.  While the NFPA is one of the most popular scholarship sponsoring entities for firefighters, there are many other scholarship programs out there that both apply directly to fire science and others that you may still qualify for that are a bit more generic.
This should give you a good idea where to start if you were lacking the appropriate information to pickup on a fire career.  If you need additional resources, you can check the NFPA’s full list of firefighting scholarships here.  If you need grant information, the most popular grant is the grant program for police and fire officers, and you must be a dependent child or spouse of a fallen firefighter or police officer to qualify.  You can find more information here.

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