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Firefighter Training Requirements

Becoming a Firefighter is not for everyone, this much is clear.  You have to be someone with drive, persistence, stamina and a strong mental constitution to even think about taking on this challenging career.  There are so many different factors that impact you as a firefighter and no amount of training can truly prepare you… Read more

Firefighting Training Expectations

You might already be fully educated about what to expect during your Written Exam, and your Non-Written exam portions that include your medical physical and your CPAT success rate.  What you haven’t read is what to expect in your daily life when you show up to the Fire Academy for your Firefighter Certification (AKA Firefighter I training… Read more

Top Firefighter Training Schools

If you are one of the lucky individuals that can afford to go to a state university here in the United States, you are in luck.  Across the country there are numerous schools that you can attend that have reputable fire science programs.  As a result, this can be confusing when trying to navigate the… Read more