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Sample Firefighter Resume

you are looking to become a career firefighter, you are probably looking for jobs at a variety of firehouses. Before any of those potential fire chiefs see you in person, they see your resume. Even if you show up to an interview looking great, ready with answers, your degree in hand, that resume could have… Read more

How To Become a Volunteer Firefighter

Volunteer work alone is usually satisfying and morally rewarding.  Volunteering your time as a firefighter is different, but in a good way.  You not only get the satisfaction of helping people and the feel-good moral confidence boost, but you also get the opportunity to network and meet with people that could significantly impact the outcome of… Read more

Firefighter Scholarship and Grant Information

you aren’t one of the lucky people out there that can afford to pay for college out of pocket, then there’s no reason to lose hope if your dream is to get into firefighting as a career.  There are many scholarship programs across the country and we are going to break down some of the… Read more

Firefighter Job Requirements

know it sounds cliché, but not everyone out there knows the exact specific requirements for someone in the firefighter job role.  There are many different hats you have to put on as a firefighter and not all of them are as glamorous or fabled as some of us would like to believe.  We like to… Read more

Firefighting Qualifications

So you might be asking yourself – What are the “ideal” qualifications to be a firefighter?  Yes, you have already read the basics and our detailed hiring tips, but you might not know exactly what the intangibles are that hiring officers might be looking for when trying to find the best candidate.  While we’ve covered… Read more

The Firefighter Work Schedule, Days Worked and Routines

A career as a firefighter is an admirable one where you put your life on the line every single day. No two days are the same and you are likely to come across a variety of different situations that will push you to your emotional and physical limits. That said, firefighters have plenty of benefits… Read more

The Firefighter Job Description – The Day To Day

Undertaking the job of a firefighter is perhaps one of the most difficult and challenging jobs that one can do. Firefighters work in complex environments, and much of their work begins only after intense training and studying. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are over one million firefighters in the United States. While… Read more

A Complete List of Firefighter Ranks

Firefighters’ positions or ranks are often denoted by the color of their helmet. White helmets are usually worn by chief officers and red helmets are worn by company officers. However, the meaning of the color and its style is different for different regions and also, for different departments. Even though a single system of ranks… Read more

Steps You Can Take to Become a Firefighter

Most state requirements are pretty specific when it comes down to brass tax on figuring out what it takes to get employed as a firefighter.  You have the application process, the background checks, the written and physical exam.  You also have the board interview.  But what we haven’t covered is what you can do externally… Read more

How to Become Familiar with a Firefighter Exam

It’s actually quite easy these days to become familiar with a firefighter exam and there are tons of resources for you to better inform yourself about the firefighter exam process.  Right now, having an online resource is absolutely huge and should be used to your full advantage.  We are going to look at some of… Read more